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You should use this function to order a password for your DTU account. This can also be used to re-order a password if you have forgotten the one you have previously ordered. Choose a password in accordance with the password regulations below. Type your new password in the two boxes below and then click on the box ‘Change password’. You will now receive a confirmation that your new password has been approved. Please note that your username will also appear on the confirmation. If you have any problems with ordering a new password, please contact CampusNet support on help@campusnet.dtu.dk or by phoning +45 45 25 7443

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Your new password must comply to the following rules:

  • It must contain at least 6 and at most 50 characters among at least three of the following four categories: lowercase letters ('a' to 'z'), uppercase letters ('A' to 'Z'), digits ('0' to '9') and special characters (see below).
  • Avoid using your first name, last name or user ID as part of your password as this will cause problems logging in on some systems and services on DTU, particularly Windows services.
  • Use only the special-characters: {'.', '-', '_', '+', '!', '?', '='}

DTU needs your help to improve the Information Security.
  • You should never give your password to anyone.
  • The password is strictly private and for your personal use only.
  • Treat it like the pin code for your credit card that neither your boss, your collegues nor the IT department should know.
  • DTU will never ask you to give us your password.

Did you forget your password? Reset via NEM-id login